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Bikinis and Bandeau Bikinis

The Pros And Cons Of Bandeau Bikinis

When it comes to swimwear, bikinis can leave very little to the imagination. That is why it is so surprising that the style of bikini you choose can have such an impact on your body’s appearance. It is true though, so choosing the right bikini for your body type is very important if you want to look your best and feel great about the way you look on the beach and at the pool.

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The Right Suit For The Right Body

You may believe that you are not a prime candidate for bikinis. This may be because you are large breasted, small breasted, long in the torso, or short in the torso. Choosing the right style can help you make the most of your body, regardless of your perceived problems and imperfections. For example, women with large cup sizes can wear bikinis that feature halter tops with wide straps for added support, control, and comfort. A bandeau swimsuit is ideal for women with smaller breasts. They are flattering and tend to enhance the figure, while they offer little or no support for larger breasted women.

Advantages Of A Bandeau Swimsuit

If you have opted to consider or purchase a bandeau swimsuit, there are some great benefits that you will enjoy with your new swimsuit. First, you do not even have to be sold on bikinis to enjoy a bandeau swimsuit. You can find sexy, revealing bandeau style suits in the form of maillots, tankinis, and, of course, bikinis. There is nothing like having lots of options when you are picking out your swimwear.

Bandeau style bathing suits are ideal for sunbathing. The typical bandeau swimsuit is actually strapless, but even if you have chosen a suit with straps, this particular bathing suit style will stay in place when you pull the straps down. There is no need to feel self conscious, and you do not have to take extra precautions when you sit up or roll over. A bandeau swimsuit is fantastically revealing without making you feel uncomfortable. If you are thinking about tan lines, you can count on a low, straight line that is created by a simple bandeau top.

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The Downside of Choosing Bandeau Bikinis

While a bandeau swimsuit offers a sexy style, it is not for everyone. These bikinis provide no support or control, so larger breasted women will not generally be satisfied with this particular style. Because of their simple design, strapped and strapless bandeau suits are not always the greatest for staying where they belong. If you are planning to be physically active, you will need to check periodically to ensure that the top is staying where it belongs. You can alleviate this situation somewhat by purchasing a suit that is made from a quality fabric that does not become baggy or lose its elasticity when it is wet.

Mix It Up

If you are one of the many women who have different needs for the bottom half of your body than for your top, you will find that a two-piece bandeau swimsuit can include a variety of different bottoms. Women with slender tops and wide or thick hips and thighs can match their top with a skirted bottom or a pair of swim shorts that cover the tops of the thighs. Women who wish to disguise a thick mid section might choose a bottom with a high waist that offers some tummy control. Long waisted women might be more comfortable in a tankini than a traditional bikini, and the list goes on. The fact is that you can create the look you want by seeking the bathing suit components that work best for you.


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